Making the environment a care tool unto itself.℠

What sets Healthful Design apart from other healthcare art consultants and healthcare wayfinding consultants? Neuroscience background, nursing and medical expertise, familiarity with research, and image analysis that goes beyond superficial recommendation of "natural" content to more exacting requirements of composition and complexity that specifically target the desired response.

Impressions of your facility and services depend in large part on visual elements that communicate a message of coordination, end-user recognition, and understanding. Satisfaction affects your bottom line. Instill confidence, reduce anxiety, and provide a population-appropriate experience through properly designed, cohesive visual schemes that complement your space while enhancing its benefits.

Take visual communication beyond ordinary signage and random art with Healthful Design as your guide. A healthful design eliminates or avoids "toxic" visual elements that promote undesirable reactions and replaces them with integrated, evidence-based visual cues that make the environment a care tool unto itself.